For Immediate Release March 03, 2021

UM Charles Regional Medical Center has introduced a new expert to their growing team. Certified lymphedema specialist Ann Haynes, PTA is now accepting breast cancer patients at UM Charles Regional Rehabilitation in La Plata.

The addition of Haynes, who is joined by Eleanor 'Buffy' Wilkinson, DPT, means local patients can now stay in Southern Maryland for the entirety of their breast cancer journey. No longer will those affected by breast cancer need to rely on services from distant cities — now patients can look closer to home for added convenience, priceless peace of mind, and support every step of the way.

After a breast cancer diagnosis, patients are encouraged to set up an introductory appointment with Wilkinson and Haynes, who will be able to record baseline measurements. Following treatment from the team at UM Charles Regional Medical Group — Breast Health, patients will resume meeting with Haynes regularly to assist with any issues like limited motion, scar tissue, hypersensitivity, and potential lymphedema development.

"Even just having a lymphedema therapist available to the community is a big deal," Haynes remarks, noting that although lymphedema doesn't happen to every cancer survivor, it is at the forefront of their minds. She says her goal is to provide guidance and resources for each of her patients.

While lymphedema can't be cured, it can be managed. And identifying it quickly is critical to help prevent complications. "I can catch it," Haynes assures, emphasizing that regular rehabilitation efforts show amazing results. "The goal is to get you back to where you were."

Haynes isn't the only new arrival at UM Charles Regional. In fact, the hospital continues to expand services in all departments regularly. The new lymphedema specialist is joining the team just a few months after Dr. Charity Dugan, who specializes in breast health and is also a key figure for breast cancer patients.

"It's incredible to watch our breast cancer services grow in unison," notes Dr. Joseph Moser, Chief Medical Officer. "Each year we bring in different medical specialties that can help our community in new ways. Now our local breast cancer patients will be able count on our quality care every step of the way."

And this is a responsibility that Haynes doesn't take lightly. "They're dealing with a lot so if we can help them maneuver into their new reality then that's what's important," she says of her main priority when working with her new patients.