For Immediate Release July 27, 2021

Names Unveiled for Honor Roll of Women

Nurse Manager Donna Grace, left, watches as former nurse Olivia Perkins and Liezl Capulong unveil the four names added to the Honor Roll of Women wall at the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center in La Plata. The four added were: Perkins, Patti De Carlo, Lydia D. Pumarada and Mrs. Julian Blacklock Wills, Sr.

LA PLATA, Md. – July 28, 2021 – University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center donors honored four women in their lives by adding them to the hospital's Honor Roll of Women.

Donna Grace, RN, a Nurse Manager at Charles Regional, honored longtime friend and colleague Olivia Perkins, RN, a former Charles Regional nurse who retired over a year ago. "We have worked hard together, laughed together, commiserated together, cried together, endured losses together," Grace said at the recent 2021 Honor Roll of Women recognition luncheon. She said Perkins is "kind beyond words, one who gives without hesitation, and one who is impactful in how she interacts with others."

Liezl Capulong, an Analyst with University of Maryland Medical System's Information Systems and Technology department, and her sister, Carol Pumarada-Ponce, recognized their deceased mother, Lydia D. Pumarada. At the recognition luncheon, Capulong said the recognition was for the good life that her mother lived as a teacher and servant of the Lord. "My sister and I will forever be proud of our mom," Capulong said. "She is our rock, our strong supporter and an inspiration not just to us, her daughters, but to the many lives that she has touched. She has instilled in us the need to love each other and to take care of each other."

Damian West, a Surgical Technician at Charles Regional, recognized Patti De Carlo, the wife of Randy De Carlo, MD, a longtime Charles Regional doctor and mentor. West, who has honored someone every year since 2017, with the exception of last year, said Patti has treated him as a son for the nearly 20 years he's known her. "She's very open-hearted and very loving, but she has no problem putting me in my place, either," West said with a laugh a few weeks after the luncheon, which he and De Carlo weren't able to attend. "She's been through a lot, and I just felt this is probably the best way I could honor her. She's been there for me 120% — she's just a remarkable woman. She's made me a better father to my kids and a better person altogether."

Mrs. Julian Blacklock Wills, Sr., a longtime philanthropic supporter of the hospital who has donated generously over 16 years, was also added to the Honor Roll of Women. "She's been a steady supporter of many of our fundraising efforts," said Noel Cervino, Charles Regional Medical Center's President and Chief Executive Officer and President of the Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation. "Her willingness to give to the foundation has helped the hospital grow along with the community."

The Honor Roll of Women is a set of engraved panels in the first-floor north hallway just off the Atrium Lobby. The first 36 names were added in 2009, and the number of honorees has since grown to nearly 200. While the number of names added each year varies, each one represents a $1,000 gift to the Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation, which supports various programs, equipment upgrades and renovations at the 82-year-old hospital.

"The Honor Roll of Women represents the giving nature of our community and recognizes all the smart, strong women in our lives and in our community," Cervino said. "We hope the Honor Roll continues to grow along with our community hospital."