For Immediate Release August 31, 2020

At University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center (UM CRMC), we continue to receive an outpouring of support from our community members of all ages. While our children were home during school closures and summer recess, we engaged them in a project to help bring a smile to both our patients and staff.

Through the "In This Together: Video Project," school-aged children from across Southern Maryland came together to showcase their talents and share messages of hope and encouragement for our patients that continue to fight every day, and our dedicated staff. Performances include singing, dancing, and playing instruments such as the piano, violin, and saxophone. One young man, Isaiah Lucas, wrote his own rap specifically dedicated to the patients and staff at UM CRMC, whom he referred to as "beautiful healing souls."

Over the past several months, our patients and staff have been faced with many challenges but the amount of support they have received from our community has been inspiring. When asked to reflect on her motivation for participating in this project, Elizabeth Tober, Charles County student featured playing the violin said, "Music just makes me happy, I think music makes most people happy. It can bring a smile to someone's face, a tear to their eye, or even make you want to hop out of your chair to dance! It feels so incredible to know that you are helping the people that have dedicated their lives to saving others." UM CRMC staff are very grateful for the children and their families' efforts to capture these performances and show their support.

Elizabeth also noted, "Even though we are at a distance, I hope my music has brought us closer together." While there is much uncertainty in the world today, our children and youth have inspired hope within the hospital, lifted the spirits of patients and staff alike, and shown us all the true meaning of being #InThisTogether.

Watch the teaser video here, and visit our YouTube page for a playlist of all the videos in the series.