COVID-19 Status Update

  • Visitation is further restricted to designated support persons. Please read our Visitation Level: Red page for visitor policy details before coming to the hospital.
  • The current demand for our services is far outpacing our available resources. While we have been able to reassign staff and extend our care teams, there is a limited amount of flexibility we can employ before we must consider other changes to care delivery.
  • As a result, UM Charles Regional Medical Center is under Crisis Standards of Care (CSC).  Instituting CSC allows us to make the necessary adjustments to how we deliver care – with no changes to the quality of care we provide -- such that we can continue caring for as many patients as possible under our current constraints.
  • The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) worked collaboratively with our colleagues at Johns Hopkins Medicine to establish an approach for how our hospitals move into CSC that is in line with recommendations from the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).
  • Our primary focus is supporting our teams and ensuring our continued ability to provide safe care. Implementing CSC gives us the flexibility to increase access to care for those in our communities who need it most.
  • Operating under CSC is a dynamic situation. We are assessing our operations daily and evaluating the needs of our patients against our available resources to make an informed decision that best serves our team members, patients and communities.
  • CSC is not a separate plan but is an extension of our pandemic surge plan.
  • The CSC are based on best practices and guided by ethical principles, with patient care at the center of every decision we make.

How You Can Help

  • Call your doctor or use urgent care for non-emergency care. Be prepared for long wait times in the emergency room if your illness or injury are not serious.
  • Get vaccinated and get a booster shot, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.