Sebsebea came to America in 2002. Grateful to be living in this country, he settled into his community and daily life. Sebsebea was busy working during the week and spending his weekends involved in ministry.  When Sebsebea noticed a swollen mass on his thigh he turned to God, and The University of Maryland Medical Center, for help. 

The rapidly growing mass sent Sebsebea to his primary care doctor who referred him to his local hospital. He was referred to UMMC when it was determined that he needed advanced, specialized care. As the mass on his thigh continued to grow, so did his concerns and worry. When he arrived at UMMC and met with Dr. Vincent Ng, Sebsebea’s tumor was the size of a football.  

Dr. Ng, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics at The University of Maryland School of Medicine, specializes in sarcoma surgery and highly complex bone and soft tissue tumor surgery. After examining Sebsebea he determined the mass needed to be surgically removed.  Following his successful surgery, Sebsebea noted that through the entire process Dr. Ng was “kind and professional,” while remaining calm and reassuring.  Commenting on his experience at UMMC, Sebsebea stated “The treatment I received, from the nurses all the way down is so heartwarming.”

A year after his surgery, Sebsebea’s life has returned to normal and made a complete recovery. His spirits are high, and he has even started to exercise regularly. Sebsebea extends his greatest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Ng, who has allowed him to return to his normal life, and focus on what’s most important; his ministry and commitment to “bring people to God.”