Listen to Margot Spies, BSN, RN, oncology nurse navigator, discuss the Cancer Survivor Program at UM Shore Regional Health .

The Cancer Recovery and Survivorship (CARES) Program promotes various components of the cancer survivorship process including:

  • Caregiver support
  • Oncology rehabilitation and integrative medicine
  • Integration with primary care physicians
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Education and community outreach
  • Psychosocial health and spirituality
  • Symptom management and palliative care

A Nurse Navigator collaborates with a multidisciplinary team that initiates the CARES process with cancer patients at the beginning of their cancer treatments. The goal of the program is to direct patients to earlier intervention or prevention of side effects of their cancer treatments, which includes referrals to physical therapy, complementary therapies, support groups and education, as well as other resources available to promote healthier living.

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