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How do I apply to your residency program?

Full details on how to apply to our various programs are available on the Application Process page. We accept only ERAS applications for all tracks. 

How many residents do you plan to recruit?

We are recruiting a similar number of residents as we have done in the past -- 30 categorical internal medicine, 4 Med-Peds, 2 EMIM, and approximately 14 preliminary internal medicine interns (which include 6 prelim-neurology interns).

How will I hear about whether I have been granted an interview?

Once your ERAS application and supporting documents are reviewed, you will either be granted an interview or your application will be placed on hold for a second review 3-4 weeks later. Once you are granted an interview, you will receive an invitation via email with instructions to select an interview date. Information regarding the day's activities, hotel accommodations, directions and other items are provided once your interview is confirmed or can be viewed at Interview, Travel and Hotel Information.

When is the best time to interview at the University of Maryland?

Any date is a good time for an interview. Applicants are given the same consideration whether they interview at the beginning or the end of the interview season.

What if I want to come back for a second look? Should I send a thank you note after my visit?

You are welcome to visit us again if it will help you with your final decision. Please note that coming for a second look does not affect our rank list. The interview season is a very busy time for you, so you do not need to send a thank you note after your interview. We encourage you only to correspond if you have a specific question about our program or another concern. We adhere to the Post-Interview Communication Guidelines from the Alliance of Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM).

I am an applicant for the preliminary program in internal medicine. What are the differences between a preliminary and categorical internship? Do you grant telephone interviews?

The preliminary intern curriculum is nearly identical to the categorical medicine year except there is more elective time and less ambulatory time. Preliminary residents have 3 blocks of electives and 1/2 month or urgent care, and do not have an ER block (compared to 2.5 / 1.0 / 0.5 for the categoricals for these blocks, respectively). The 9 inpatient blocks for preliminary interns consist of 7 inpatient services (including 2-3 ICU months) and 2 months of Day/Night Float. Preliminary residents do not attend a weekly continuity medical clinic unless they plan to continue in internal medicine. 

Preliminary interns staying at Maryland for their advanced residency training have a 4th week of paid vacation at the end of June. Those moving on to an advanced residency at another institution are not paid for June 24-30 after the conclusion of their internship.

If selected for an interview for a preliminary position, you may select a telephone or in person interview.  Nearly all preliminary candidates prefer a telephone interview.

Do you give special consideration for those in the couples match or who a special connection to Baltimore?

Please indicate on your ERAS application or let us know in writing that you are in the couples match, even if your significant other is applying to a field outside of medicine. We are very interested in recruiting qualified couples to the University of Maryland and are highly supportive of family life in our program. We are also interested in knowing if you have special ties to the Baltimore area.