Chief Residents

From L to R: Bisola Egbe, MD, MBS, Allison Hockman, DO, Antora Yazdan, DO, MPH

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in the University of Maryland’s Family Medicine Residency Program. Our program is housed in a large, community-based primary care practice with its focus on broaching health inequities faced by our surrounding Baltimore population. Located on 29 S. Paca street, our clinic is just steps from the main hospital and houses various elements of care integral to our population, including pharmacy specialists, diabetic educators, HIV specialists, outpatient obstetric care, and behavioral health specialists, all under the umbrella of Family & Community Medicine.

In our efforts to address patient concerns in a comprehensive manner, our residents are engaged in specialty experiences to allow for integration and application within our practice.

Throughout your time here, you will learn not only the practice of primary care, but will also have opportunities to contribute to the continuous growth and improvement of our program. Whether through quarterly town hall meetings, frequent email communications, or one-on-one meetings with advisors and program leadership, our goal is to make sure your voice matters here.

We strongly feel that our residents play an essential role in addressing the needs of our unique patient population. Whether you are a Maryland native or not, we welcome you to our program, and we hope that you will reach out to us to inquire further. We believe in the work we do to service our patients, and we hope that you’ll consider becoming a part of our family.

Your Chiefs,

Bisola Egbe, MD, MBS
Allison Hockman, DO
Antora Yazdan, DO, MPH