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EPIC Training

EPIC Training Presentation

EPIC training is required for all new hire trainees. If you have a trainee that is starting off cycle, you will need to schedule their EPIC training directly with the EPIC team. Please find directions here: Scheduling EPIC Training

The spreadsheet below lists the training sessions required for all programs attending EPIC training.

Scheduling Overview

  • March 1st: Margo will email Coordinators for preferred training dates
  • March 15th: Match Day!
  • March 29th: Training date preferences due from Coordinators to Margo
  • Programs must train together as a group. This helps the trainers and trainees!
  • April 1st: Margo will email blank sign-up sheet for trainings to Coordinators in an excel spreadsheet form.
  • April 30th: Completed sign-up sheet due to Margo from Coordinators
  • April 30th: Coordinators will ensure that an Access Form has been submitted on behalf of each trainee. NEW ELECTRONIC PROCESS!
  • May 15th: Margo will email finalized schedule to all Coordinators
  • Before May 30th: Maureen will email her Master Spreadsheet to Lawson for new hire accounts to be created. Lawson will create new hire accounts for all trainees. Lawson creates UMMS U Learning Management System accounts for all new hires.

**As Soon as UMMS U accounts are Created: Andrea will schedule EPIC training for all new hires in UMMS U