Computer Systems Access

Applications for trainee access to EPIC, DocHalo, Outlook, etc are now submitted through UMMS Service Desk Portal. Paper forms will not be accepted after February 22, 2019.

Information about the new Service Desk Portal, including a Quick Guide, details on creating portal access, applications now requested through the portal, and the list of applications that will still require a paper form, can be found at:

Step by Step guide to using the Service Desk Portal

There are several important reasons for this change:

  • Self service capabilities
    Submit your own portal request online without the hassle of finding and filling out paper forms. Submitting your request electronically will expedite the flow of your request by removing the
    help desk as the middle man transcribing paper form submissions and allow you to create and submit your portal request directly.
  • Online transparency in the process – Check your own status
    You can check the status of tickets submitted by you and your staff directly through the portal.
  • Ease of use by reusing previous submissions
    Use the portal request ticket for one staff member to create a “like” ticket request for a different or new user. The system will auto-load the form the same way that the prior request was submitted using the portal request ticket number.
  • Automatic coordination of tasks
    Granting access to an electronic system generally means that a sequence of steps needs to be taken by several teams within IS&T. The service desk portal will automatically initiate and coordinate the steps required thereby reducing any errors and delays.
  • Updated Privacy and Use Agreement
    There will be a single updated and inclusive Privacy and Use Agreement for staff in place of the various outdated paper forms you can find throughout the organization.