Research is an important part our transplant surgeons’ jobs, with most of our faculty conducting basic science and clinical research in an attempt to advance the field of transplant surgery.. Our faculty are involved in xenotransplantation, organ bioengineering, liver perfusion, lymphocyte biology and trafficking, composite tissue transplantation, and novel organ delivery systems.

A brief overview of some of the on-going projects is can be seen below:

World's First Organ Drone Delivery 

Dr. Joseph Scalea has designed a novel approach to organ distribution and delivery. An effort to limit inefficiency associated within the present procurement system Scalea hopes this practice will lead to increased organ acceptance and utilization. By performing the first drone delivery of an organ used for transplantation Dr. Scalea and the hospital received widespread acknowledgment from media giants like the Baltimore Sun, Fox News and the New York Times.

Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Dr. John LaMattina discusses the pros of living donor transplantation, the recovery time for each party involved and recent advances in the practice. For an extended video presentation on living donor transplantation please see  a Facebook Live presentation on the topic.