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“My year at Shock Trauma was a great year. The trauma volume was incredible. However, the fellowship program was structured in such a way that the fellows were not bogged down with the day-to-day running of the service and were free to operate as much as possible. Working with residents gave me the opportunity to become a better educator. I think I grew the most as a surgeon in my 1 year at STC than in all my other years of training combined. The attendings are phenomenal surgeons and educators.”

George Ochenjele, MD
Class of 2016

“Awesome, well-rounded, complete trauma experience...Faculty are 100% on board with training and educating to maximize each fellow’s potential. I feel well prepared to start as a brand new attending at an academic, busy level I trauma center. The STC fellowship is a great program for anyone interested in a career in academic orthopaedic trauma.”

Roman Natoli, MD, PhD
Class of 2016

“The opportunity to train at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center has been such an honor. It was truly a unique privilege to be able to learn from and work with such an incredible faculty, from both a technical and a personal perspective.”

I. Leah Gitajn, MD
Class of 2016

“Completing a fellowship at Shock Trauma prepared me as a traumatologist, educator, and academic. I left feeling ready to treat the most complex musculoskeletal injuries that may present to a level I trauma center, and I felt confident that I could reach out to my network of mentors for support as I started my practice. From the preceptors to the OR staff and nurses, the team at STC provides an unparalleled and enjoyable fellowship."

Herman Johal, MD, MPH, FRCSC
Class of 2015

“My fellowship year at Shock Trauma was far and away the best learning experience of my career. Sure, the acuity of injuries seen, the volume of trauma coming through the doors, the sheer number of cases available for learning, and the variety of cases throughout the upper and lower extremity—bone and soft tissue alike—were tremendous. After interviewing and matching, I expected that part of the experience. What I didn’t expect, and what truly made the year indispensable, were the moments between the cases. Whether it was the collegial interactions among my co-fellows (learning from their pre-STC experience and current experiences); the devotion of the OR techs, RNs, and staff; the special opportunities in the anatomy lab, the biomechanics lab, and beyond… I was always learning and becoming better thanks to the wonderful people who are a part of this fellowship. Not only did I continue to improve my operative skills, but thanks to our morning conferences, I learned how to take criticism, how to think about problems, and how to become an effective educator and leader. I left the fellowship year prepared well beyond fixing fractures, ready to handle anything that comes in the door. For that, I am forever grateful and can never truly express what the year meant to me.”

Richard J. Myers, MD
Class of 2015

“The orthopaedic traumatology fellowship that STC offers is second to none. I truly feel that this was the one and only fellowship where the primary goal was to educate the fellow. You aren’t there to be a warm body, filling a role. From day 1, you are being groomed to become a leader in orthopaedic trauma surgery. There is an excellent balance among surgical cases, research, and didactics. Every day brings something unique and challenging. By the time I left this fellowship, I felt prepared to take on any challenge that would come my way. I am still in frequent communication with my co-fellows, and I feel privileged to be part of a larger ‘fraternity’ of STC graduates.”

Rabah Qadir, MD
Class of 2015

“My fellowship year at Shock Trauma exceeded my expectations. The education was unparalleled and addressed not only my technical skills but operative decision making, research, and ability as an educator. One of the strengths of the fellowship is that the orthopaedic trauma service is responsible for the care of all musculoskeletal injuries, including the hand, the foot, the pelvis, the soft tissues, and anything in between. On any given day, your operative schedule could include a distal radius fracture, a soleus flap, an acetabular fracture, and a complex midfoot injury. At the completion of my fellowship, I had a solid foundation to address traumatic conditions throughout the body and participate in the treatment of multiply injured patients.”

Brian Weatherford, MD
Class of 2014

“My time at STC was far and away the best year of my medical education. We were lucky enough to operate with some of the most technically gifted and forward-thinking surgeons in orthopaedic traumatology. In addition, we were able to participate with an appropriate amount of autonomy on a wide variety of cases, including not just acute trauma but posttraumatic joint reconstruction, soft-tissue reconstruction, foot and ankle fractures, and upper extremity fractures not universally seen in other fellowship programs. Throughout the year, we were taught to critically evaluate classic and current literature and were given the opportunity to contribute through a well-oiled and well-supported research program. I really could not imagine a better environment to learn in or a better group of people to learn from.”

Adam Kaufman, MD
Class of 2014

“My fellowship year at Shock was everything I could have hoped it would be. There was a great balance of case load, teaching, autonomy, and research. The faculty had various ways of instructing and levels of involvement, all of which complimented each other. As an aspiring academic surgeon, I hope that I can recreate at least part of the terrific learning environment that I experienced. It was over all too quickly, and I greatly valued my time there.”

Jennifer Hagan, MD
Class of 2014

“My fellowship at Shock Trauma was truly outstanding, exceeding all of my expectations (which were pretty high to begin with!). The fellowship is ideally geared toward maximizing the fellow’s experience, whether it be performing challenging and complex cases in the OR, conducting research, or going to courses for additional instruction. The faculty is great, which yields an entertaining atmosphere that sparks true camaraderie. I have nothing but great things to say about this fellowship.”

Kanu Okike, MD
Class of 2013

"The fellowship at Shock is a truly remarkable experience. The mentorship and graduated autonomy coupled with the volume of complex cases fosters a remarkable learning atmosphere.”

Justin Fowler, MD
Class of 2014