The dedicated MR imaging fellowship is an intensive, 12-month clinical fellowship including musculoskeletal, cardiac, neuro, pediatric, and chest/abdomen/pelvis MR imaging studies.

The fellowship is designed to provide the board-certified radiology fellow with practical experience in clinical MR imaging. During his or her 1-year tenure, the fellow will learn how to prescribe MR imaging protocols and will gain experience with new MR imaging techniques. The fellow will observe daily scanning activities, discuss clinical indications for MR examinations, review pulse sequences used to address common clinical problems, and discuss the principles of MR imaging with experienced mentors and colleagues.

In addition, the fellow will serve as a liaison to the various radiology sections in prescribing protocols and researching clinical indications for specific MR studies.

The fellowship will provide:

  • In-depth knowledge of cutting-edge MR imaging techniques for investigation of various disease processes;
  • Exposure to innovative and developing clinical MR applications;
  • Participation in hypothesis-driven research;
  • Participation in clinical trials; and
  • Collaboration with research scientists from the University of Maryland Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) and the Core for Translational Imaging @ Maryland (CTRIM)

To apply, complete the universal fellowship application form and send it to:

ATTN: Rhonda Holden
Academic Services Coordinator
Office: (410) 328-5112
Fax: (410) 328-3168

For more information contact the MR imaging fellowship directors:

Jiachen Zhuo, PhD -
Derik Davis,