The integrated Cardiothoracic Radiology Fellowship offers extensive training in chest radiography, chest and cardiac CT and cardiac MR imaging, as well as CT-guided thoracic biopsies. Special opportunities include interaction with the American Institute of Radiology Pathology for dedicated radiology/pathology sessions and sectional journal clubs. Six thoracic fellowship–trained radiologists supervise the clinical and research experience.

The patient population at the University of Maryland offers a wide range of pathology through an 800-bed acute care hospital and tertiary referral center, the University of Maryland Midtown Hospital, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Ample experience is provided for thoracic diagnosis and intervention. Academic support for is provided to develop lectures and participate in research. Multidisciplinary conferences are held weekly with pulmonary medicine, cardiology, and thoracic surgery.

Applications should be submitted by Sept 1, 2018. See application check list.

For additional information about fellowships in Cardiothoracic Radiology contact: Charles White, M.D., section director, at: