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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential counseling and referral service available to all employees and their family members. It is provided by University of Maryland Medical Center to make access to counseling services as easy as possible. The EAP is staffed by trained mental health professionals and is designed to assist employees and family members experiencing personal, professional or family problems. The EAP staff provides short-term counseling and make referrals to other appropriate resources as needed. To speak with an EAP counselor or to set up an appointment, please call 410-328-5860.

Professional Assistance Committee

The purpose of the Professional Assistance Committee is to assist members of the medical staff (including residents) who may be at risk of becoming impaired due to the use of alcohol or drugs, emotional distress or a physical disability. The Professional Assistance Committee serves as a resource and an advocate for the physician experiencing these kinds of problems. Anyone that is concerned about a physician's health or well-being is encouraged to call the Professional Assistance Committee for advice and consultation.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call 410-328-5860.

Spiritual Support Services

Chaplains are a part of the interdisciplinary team and are available to assist patients, families and staff to use their spiritual and/or religious resources to aid in healing, illness prevention, death, grief and loss, and adjustment to a new diagnosis or health care crisis.

  • Call a Staff Chaplain for non-emergencies at 328-6014
  • Page the On-Call Chaplain for emergencies at 328-HOLY