University of Maryland School of Medicine
Sub-Internship in Cardiac Surgery Critical Care - CSUR 549


University of Maryland School of Medicine

Course Description

The senior medical student will serve as essential team members on the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CS-ICU) at University of Maryland where they will be exposed to open heart surgery patients, heart and lung transplant patients, patients with heart assist devices and patient undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The student will be expected to admit, present and follow 1-2 patients from admission to discharge under the direct supervision of a unit attending or fellow. Emphasis will be placed on learning the physiological principles and techniques as they apply to the diagnosis and management of critically ill patients with a variety of post-operative cardio-respiratory diseases. Students will be taught the physiology underlying cardiopulmonary diagnosis/ monitoring as well as state of the art concepts that underlie current trends in the management of critically ill patients.

Faculty Responsible

Daniel Herr, MD

Morgan Cook
Administrative Contact

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