Cassie O'Malley, MS, RN, OCN
Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, Stoler Pavilion

Cassie O'Malley DAISY Nurse Leader AwardIn 2012, I was assigned a recent graduate from the University of Virginia as my nurse when I was an oncology patient at the University of Maryland Medical Center. My nurse happened to be Cassie. It was her maturity and incredible skills that thoroughly impressed me. One night those competencies were challenged when my port dislodged and sprayed chemo such that there was contamination to the room.  Without drama, but with precision, I was removed from my bed and quickly put into a shower and then relocated to a secure area.  The actions were very fast, as there were several pregnant nurses on the unit and this nurse wanted to protect not only me, but also the healthcare providers.  The smoothness of this operation certainly left me thinking that this new nurse had tremendous potential.

Cassie is well-respected and she has been successful in bringing a group of compassionate souls together to create a team that truly works together. What I thought about the skills of the new graduate nurse on the oncology unit in 2012 came to fruition.  Cassie’s no-nonsense manner combined with her determination to get the work done well, changed the environment of a very important area of the medical center.

Recently, I came to the hospital for a health concern and I was touched when Cassie went out of her way to meet me at my appointment for a scan.  All I could think of was how fortunate I was to have someone so busy take the time for me with such caring. Cassie made a difficult moment bearable.

About the DAISY Nurse Leader Award

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award puts a spotlight on the impact that nurse leaders have on their staff and the patient care they manage. Winners of this award are recognized for their ability to create an environment of compassion and recognition for others, often in the face of stressful, high-pressure situations.