Maryann Luksic, BSN, RNMaryann Luksic, BSN, RN
Medical Intermediate Care Unit

"Maryann worked with me and it was apparent from her attitude that she really enjoyed her work. It seemed I had an adventure one night where I vomited all over myself, the bed and the floor. I was so embarrassed and kept apologizing over and over. She helped me feel so much better. My second night’s adventure was when, after being on laxatives, I finally used the bathroom and had to use the toilet so frequently that it got stopped up and overflowed. I was mortified.

"I cried all over her shoulder. She called maintenance but before they came, she cleaned up the mess herself and again dried my tears. She made me feel like the most special patient in the world. We need more nurses like Maryann. May God bless her and this entire unit."