Elizabeth Phillips, BSN, RNElizabeth Phillips, BSN, RN
Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Liz was truly amazing! We arrived after mom’s surgery and she was so gentle and caring.  Compassionate is the big word. Liz had never worked on this floor (she had been floated from the ICU), but nothing stopped her in finding anything she needed to use for her patients. Liz was so determined, nothing would get in her way as she went from patient to patient.

I watched as she put mom on the Hoyer lift this morning, only to find that it had not charged correctly, but this didn’t get in her way either. She used it manually after taking the time to give mom a sponge bath to make her feel more comfortable. She didn’t have to do it, but she did and went out of her way to make a 93-year-old woman feel better.

Thank you, Liz, for a job well done and going the extra mile to make sure you had everything you needed. We appreciate you!