2016 Honorees - DAISY Award Honorees

Meet Some of Our Extraordinary Nurses

Learn more about past and present DAISY Award honorees:

Erin Colleran, BSN, RNErin Colleran, BSN, RN (December 2016)

A family member of one of Erin's patients recognized her empathy for their situation and her ability to make an influx of information seem less overwhelming.

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Diana Huertas, BSN, RNDiana Huertas, BSN, RN (November 2016)

Diana was nominated by one of her patients, who was grateful for the compassionate care and support that Diana provided for the entire family during a difficult time.

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Jenna Carl, RN, BSNJenna Carl, RN, BSN (October 2016)

Jenna rushed to help a woman undergoing a diabetic emergency--before her shift had even begun! Jenna was nominated by her nurse manager for her exceptional ability to assess and respond to her surroundings.

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Peggy Torr, RN, BSN, OCNPeggy Torr, RN, BSN, OCN (September 2016)

A former patient recognized Peggy's ability to make each patient feel special, safe and secure.

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Dennis Vidal, BSN, RNDennis Vidal, BSN, RN (August 2016)

Dennis was nominated by one of his patients, who thanked him for the exceptional and loving care he provided.

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Timothy Kane, BSN, RNTimothy Kane, BSN, RN (July 2016)

The nurse manager at the Neuro ICU nominated Tim for a DAISY Award after a patient filled out a “Thank You” card documenting his monumental commitment to his patients.

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Rachel Martin, BSN, CPNRachael Martin, BSN, CPN (June 2016)

A thankful family recognized Rachael's willingness to go above and beyond for their son's care and their own comfort.

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Tya Schoppe, BSN, RNTya Schoppe, BSN, RN (May 2016)

Tya was nominated by a patient's daughter, who recognized the exceptional care Tya provided not only for her mother, but for the entire family.

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