Neonatology and NICU

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Cynthia Bearer, MD 
Professor of Pediatrics
Head, Division of Neonatology

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Other Birth Defects

Health Impact of Environmental Pollution

Normal and Abnormal Neurodevelopment

How to Prevent Birth Defects

Latest Threats to Blood Transfusion

Role of Maternal/Newborn Diet in Brain Development

Greening of the NICU




Natalie Davis, MD, MMSc
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Infant Car Seat Challenge





Sara Mola, MD, MMSc  
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Golden Hour in Neonatology

Quality Improvement in Neonatal Resuscitation




Sripriya Sundararajan, MD  
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Transfusion Practices in the NICU

Umbilical Cord Milking Versus Delayed Cord Complaining

Placental Transfusion and Preterm Neonate