General Medicine - Grand Rounds

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Carla Alexander, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

End-of-Life Care Skills for Hospital and Community

Mangla Gulati, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Medical Director of Clinical Effectiveness

Choosing Wisely: What Physicians Should Question?

Anuj Gupta, MD  
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Catheter Treatments for Hypertension and Aortic Stenosis

A History of Coronary Revascularization

Preoperative Risk Management Prior to Major Vascular Surgery

Petr Hausner, MD  
Associate Professor of Medicine
Chief, Hematology/Oncology VA

The "Omics" Revolution in Melanoma

Lung Cancer Screening

New Approaches to Pleural and Peritoneal Malignancies

Melanoma Management

Jong-Soo Hong, MD  
Associate Professor of Medicine
Collaborative Conference with Diane E. Hoffmann, Professor of Law

Law and Medicine

Medically Ineffective Care at the End of Life

Challenges in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Melanoma Management

Niharika Khanna, MD  
Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Patient Centered Medical Home

Maryland Learning Collaborative - PCMH Transformation

Advanced Models of Primary Care