Women's Health Residency - FAQs

How do I apply to your residency program?

We participate in the NRMP (National Resident Matching Program http://www.nrmp.org) and process all applications via ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).

Do you offer pre-Match or preliminary positions?

No, we do not.

How many residents are in your program?

28 total; 7 per PGY level.

Do you have minimum USMLE score requirements?

The majority of applicants we interview have scored 210 or better on Step 1 on the first attempt.

Do I have to take Step 2 before my interview?

We strongly recommend that you provide a Step 2 score as soon as possible in the interview process. A Step 2 score is required prior to the rank list deadline.

How many letters of recommendation do I need?

We require three Letters of Recommendation (LOR). It is highly desirable to have one letter from the OB-GYN Chair. In addition to the LOR, we require a MSPE from your medical school.

What is your application deadline?

November 1

Has your program determined interview dates yet?

Our 2017 interviews will be on the following Fridays: Nov. 3; Nov. 17; Dec. 1; Dec. 8; Dec. 15; Dec. 22.

Do you offer fellowships after residency?

Our department has an MFM fellowship program with three Fellows. We have a very good success rate in getting residents into fellowship programs. Our faculty have contacts with many programs/physicians and can help you pursue any fellowship specialty.

What are my chances to be accepted in your program?

We cannot answer this question based solely on USMLE scores and clinical experience. We are looking for residents who will be 'a good fit' in our program. This is determined when you interview with our faculty and meet our residents, as well as by your residency application materials.

Is your program 'DO friendly?'

Yes, we are DO friendly and have had DO residents in our program.

If I have taken COMLEX Level 1, do I also need to take USMLE Step 1?

Yes, we require USMLE Step scores from all applicants.

Is your program 'FMG/IMG friendly?'

Yes, we are FMG/IMG friendly. We assess each individual based on their own merits with no specific policy that excludes foreign medical graduates.

What type of visas do you sponsor?

Our hospital sponsors J-1 visas only.

Do I need U.S. clinical experience?

No, that is not a requirement.

Do IMGs need special certification?

Yes, IMGs need to obtain ECFMG certification prior to the rank list due date in mid-February.

Do you have a requirement for year of graduation from medical school?

Yes, applicants need to have graduated medical school within the last 5 years. Additionally, medical school transcripts must include letter grades. Transcripts with hours/credits only will not be accepted.