This pathway is for residents who are interested in a primary care career, General Academic Pediatrics, Behavior and Development, Child Maltreatment,  Adolescent Medicine, and those who are undecided.


At least 4/7 must be "core pediatric" electives; others may be "non-core."

 Recommended Core/Longitudinal Electives for Pathway (4 Core) Alternative Core Electives
 Allergy/Pulmonary/Immunology (3 month block) Cardiology
 Gastroenterology (focus on outpatient) Hematology/Oncology
 Infectious disease (emphasis on outpatients and vaccines) Nephrology
 Endocrinology Rheumatology
 Pediatric Surgery (required) - may not count as an IU Neurology/Headache Clinic

Individualized Units

 Suggested Longitudinal Blocks for Pathway Suggested Alternative Electives/IUs Choose 1 Rigorous Month Senior Year
 Children with special needs at Mt. Washington with focus on out patient clinics (development, autism, feeding, physical medicine & rehab, neurodevelopment) - 1 month vs 3 month longitudinal
 Psychiatry Senior in FTN/ UMMS or Mercy nurseries/ include lactation services
 Surgical Surgical-specialties (Ophtho, Dental, Ortho, ENT, Derm)
 Nutrition Rotation (out patient emphasis )
 Phone triage and sick clinic (a senior acute care rotation). Include evening clinics, community practice, teaching and precepting
 Sports Medicine  

Professional Development

 Practice-Based Learning and Improvement Teaching Systems-Based Practice
 Clinical QI project either as individuals or as whole group
 Senior teaching elective
 Curriculum on office management, business of medicine
 Quarterly sessions on primary care issues including clinical practice guidelines and EBM/journal club
 Opportunities to teach in community settings, ie local schools
 Sessions on advocacy and opportunities to join local organizations and/or volunteer in community settings

All must have:  Out-patient community month OR Longitudinal ½ day community practice clinic
Continuity Clinic: develop a panel of patients with variety of ages. Include special need children for which you are the primary provider
Professional Development/Quality Improvement/Teaching