Obstetrics - Mercy Rotations - Women's Health Residency

The team consists of a 1st year OB resident, first year Family Medicine, first Year ER, first or second Year night float, and a third year resident. The ER and Family Practice interns must check in with Dr. Pupkin and the senior resident on their first day.

  • Morning rounds with Dr Pupkin at 8am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are mandatory
  • Grand Rounds are held every Thursday 8am-9am are mandatory
  • Friday morning lectures from 7:30am to 12pm are mandatory.
  • Complete evaluations of medical students and faculty prior to the end of the rotation.

All First Year resident responsibilities (including ER and Family Medicine Residents):

  • First call to the labor and delivery suite and postpartum floor. Manage all normal-laboring patients on the suite under the guidance of the chief resident and attending. Document progress of patients every two hours
  • Triage as necessary when midwives are unavailable
  • Admit all laboring patients
  • All patients should be presented to an attending prior to disposition and document the discussions
  • Service patients should be discussed with the senior resident, and the in-house attending.
  • Participate in the management of high risk and antepartum patients.
  • Round on all postpartum patients by 8am
  • If being assisted by FP and ER residents, must see all complicated patients (including those with fever, pre-eclampsia, multiple medical problems, etc.)
  • Responsible for status of all patients on the service
  • Present all complicated postpartum patients to the attending at rounds at 8am
  • Perform circumcisions on all service patients under appropriate supervision
  • Participate in teaching and supervising students in obstetric care and procedures
  • Sign out the board and the postpartum service at 7pm
  • Dictate and complete charts on service patients
  • Weekend call at Mercy as first call

Third Year resident responsibilities:

  • Round on all patients on the antepartum floor by 8am
  • Present the antepartum patients at morning rounds on Monday through Wednesday
  • Supervise and assist first year residents with the care of obstetric patients throughout the day
  • Cover the OB-service during times when the first year residents are unavailable while in procedures suitable for their level
  • Direct and perform operative deliveries under attending supervision
  • Manage all antepartum patients on the floor throughout the day
  • Oversee care of high-risk patients on the board
  • Teach and instruct residents and students on obstetric care and procedures
  • Supervise and assign call schedule for FP and ER residents
  • Compile and present statistics at monthly OB/PEDS conference and pre sent complicated cases as selected by Dr. Pupkin and/or Dr. Sholes-Douglas
  • Sign out the board and the antepartum service to the on call senior resident at 5pm
  • Complete and dictate all assigned medical records (antepartum, service patients)
  • Weekend call at Mercy