Name of Conference
(teaching round, seminar, journal club, etc.)
(weekly, monthly, etc.)
Mandatory or Elective Individual(s) or Department Responsible for Organization of Sessions
Journal Club Monthly M Residents/Cardiac & Thoracic Faculty
Mortality Morbidity Monthly M Residents/Cardiac & Thoracic Faculty
TSDA Curriculum 3x a Month M Week 1– Cardiac Faculty Presentation
Week 2 – Congenital Faculty Presentation
Week 3 – Thoracic Faculty Presentation
Cardiac Surgery Professor Rounds Weekly M Program Director, Cardiac Faculty
Thoracic Surgery Teaching Rounds Weekly M
(assigned resident)
Thoracic Faculty
Heart & Lung Transplant Candidate Evaluations Weekly E Surgical & Medical Directors, Cardiopulmonary Transplant Program
Cardiac & Lung Transplant Recipient Care Conference Weekly E Surgical & Medical Directors, Cardiac Transplant Program
Multidisciplinary Thoracic Tumor Board Weekly M
(assigned resident)
Thoracic Surgery Faculty
Cardiac Surgical Wet Labs 4x a Year M Assigned Cardiac Surgical Faculty
Cardiac Cath Case Conference Monthly E Surgical & Medical Cardiac Faculty
Visiting Professor Lecture 2x a Year M Cardiac & Thoracic Chiefs
Surgery Grand Rounds Quarterly M When Cardiac and Thoracic Faculty Give Presentations
Resident Research Conference Monthly M Resident(s) on Research Rotations