IHI Open School Training Requirements

The Graduate Medical Education Committee approved the training requirements for all NEW residents and NEW fellows for the 2018-2019 academic year. This training is required and is intended to supplement your current or planned specialty/subspecialty Patient Safety and Quality Improvement activities. This applies only to your NEW residents and NEW fellows joining UMMC.  

Please note that there is only one deadline this year for all courses to be completed as follows:

All new residents/fellows must complete the following courses/lessons by September 1, 2018

The courses/lessons are:

  1. PS101: Introduction to Patient Safety (3 lessons included in the course)
  2. PS102: From Error to Harm (3 lessons included in the course)
  3. PS103: Human Factors and Safety (3 lessons included in the course)
  4. PS104: Teamwork and Communication in a Culture of Safety(3 lessons included in the course)
  5. QI101: Introduction to Healthcare Improvement (3 lessons included in the course)
  6. QI102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement (5 lessons included in the course)
  7. QI103 Testing and Measuring Changes with the PSDA Cycles(3 lessons included in the course)
  8. QI104: Interpreting Data, Run Charts, Control Charts and Other Measurement Tools (3 lessons included in the course)

Each program is responsible for collecting the documentation and verifying completion of the courses/lessons by the required deadline.  DO NOT send the certificates to the GME office.  If your residents and fellows completed these courses/lessons previously, either at UMMC or another institution, they should print out the summary of their transcripts as evidence of compliance of the required training.. We also recommend and request that any resident or fellow who has completed courses/lessons in the IHI Open School training assure that their affiliation is updated to reflect the University of Maryland Medical Center GME.  This will assure training assignments for future academic years are appropriately associated with our institution for any ad hoc reporting that may be done at an institutional level.

We are delighted to announce our two new UMMC House Staff Officers for Patient Safety and Quality, Dr. Leen Alblaihed and Dr. David Gatz, for the academic year 2018-2019. This is the 3rd year that the CMO and the Medical Center have supported this endeavor. These house officers were peer nominated and selected from a panel of highly qualified candidates.

Leen Alblaihed, MBBS, MHA graduated from the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine residency training program, in 2017, following which she served as chief resident for the EM program while also doing an Emergency Ultrasound fellowship. This year, she is pursuing another fellowship in Faculty Development along with her clinical duties. Prior to her Emergency Medicine training, Leen earned her master's degree in healthcare administration from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She also had three years of work experience with the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality where she lead teams and task forces in different aspects related to patient safety and quality.

David Gatz, MD graduated medical school at Johns Hopkins University before completing the Emergency Medicine residency at University of Maryland. He is currently serving as a Chief Resident of Emergency Medicine and completing an Administrative Fellowship in Emergency Medicine. His areas of interest include quality and safety, patient satisfaction, opioid abuse, and physician wellness.

In this role, they will continue to grow and advance the House Staff Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) group, facilitating QIPS members participation in key institutional Quality and Safety initiatives. Please join us in welcoming Drs. Alblaihed and Gatz as UMMC continues the journey towards becoming a High Reliability Organization, focused on ensuring safe care for all patients we are privileged to care for.