The final list of participants at the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety Telluride 2018 at Turf Valley

Program First Name Last Name Position Title Work Email
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Alissa Werzen Resident PGY-3
Ophthalmology Elyse McGlumphy Resident PGY-3
Ophthalmology Jana Bregman Resident PGY-3
Gastroenterology Jonah Rubin Fellow PGY-4
Hematology/Oncology Timothy Beer Fellow PGY-5
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Jeongwon Shin Resident PGY-4
Pediatrics John Odom Resident PGY-2
Pediatrics Kerri Best Resident PGY-2
Pediatrics Kevin Cesa Resident PGY-2
Internal Medicine Zil Patel Resident PGY-3