Program Objectives - Dietetic Internship

  1. Over a 7 year period, DI graduates will achieve 85% of better “first time” pass rate on the RD registration exam.
  2. Over a 7 year period, 95% of interns enrolled in UMMC DI will complete the program within 63 week time period (150% of program length).
  3. Over a 7 year period, 95% of graduates will be employed in a dietetic or related filed within 12 months of graduation.
  4. 90% of graduates will report being adequately prepared for entry-level positions on completion of the program and one year post-graduation.
  5. 90% of employers will give a “strongly agree” or “agree” rating for interns being well-prepared to perform the duties of an entry-level RD.
  6. A minimum of 25% of all graduated will be employed in an advanced clinical specialty and have obtained an advanced practice certification or advanced degree.
  7. A minimum of 30% of all graduates will have presented at a professional meeting or will be an author or co-author on a professional publication.

Note: Program outcomes data is available upon request.