One of the tools in the arsenal of minimally invasive surgery is a computer-enhanced technology or robotics. Originally designed and tested by NASA and military for the on-the-field remote surgery, today's robotic system has been through several stages.

In gynecology, robotic surgery is performed in all sub-disciplines:

The scope of robotic gynecologic procedures using the da Vinci® robotic system ranges from tubal ligation to ovarian cystectomy to myomectomy to radical hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy.

This robot, the first FDA approved device for gynecologic surgery, has an advantage of a three-dimensional field, greater surgical precision, decreased fatigue and tension tremor, as well as added wrist motion for improved dexterity and ease of suturing.

It offers a unique chance to bridge the gap between laparotomy and laparoscopy by shortening the learning curve, allowing an immersive view of the surgical field, and giving the unprecedented range of motion of robotic arms with a filtered tremor.

We are expecting that the next generation of surgeons will be working on 3-D high definition displays combined with augmented reality of articulating instruments and image fusion. Future surgeons will be trained through an immersive reality simulation. Altogether, computer-enhanced surgical systems will make minimally invasive surgery safer, quicker, and more widely available.


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