Eugene J. Schweitzer, MD

Eugene J. Schweitzer, MD

Professor of Surgery

Roger W. Voigt, MD, MBCHB

Roger W. Voigt, MD, MBCHB

Assistant Professor of Surgery; Surgeon-in-Chief, University of Maryland Hospital for Children

Flavia M. Fernandes Jung, MD

Flavia M. Fernandes Jung, MD

Associate Professor

Neziha  Celebi, MD

Neziha Celebi, MD

Instructor of Pediatrics

Bakri  Alzarka, MD

Bakri Alzarka, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Pediatric Transplant Coordinator

Our pediatric transplant team also includes a pediatric transplant coordinator. This person is actively involved with patients and their families throughout the entire transplantation process, from their pre-transplant evaluations and hospitalization to their post-transplant period.

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