Living Donor Liver Transplant

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) offers every patient the possibility of a living donor liver transplant. For patients who have a donor available, this procedure promises quicker recoveries, better transplant results and reduced waiting times. 

Our program is the #2 living donor liver transplant program in the United States for patient and graft survival, and one of the most active living donor transplant centers in the country. That expertise means we are among the most experienced in safely removing part of the donor’s liver to help the recipient resume a normal life as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us?

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Living liver donation involves an extremely complex surgery that must remove part of a person's liver and place it in the recipient's body. The experience of the surgical team should be your first consideration when choosing your living donor center.

We have a specialized living donor surgical team that completes all of our live donor surgeries. This skilled team has extra training and expertise in living donor procedures. 

Features of our care include:

  • Specially trained surgeons: Our living donor liver surgeons have each spent time working in hospitals in Turkey and Korea. These nations perform the highest volumes of living donor liver transplants in the world, and our surgeons sought training opportunities that would provide a high volume of experience. Meet our team.
  • Dedicated living donor nurse coordinators: Our dedicated nurse coordinators work with all living liver donors. They are highly familiar with the needs, questions and experiences of living donors and will be there for you throughout the process. Meet the Nurse Coordinators.
  • Clear operating roles and procedures: We have established a clear procedure for these complex surgeries. The same people handle the same duties in each operation, which leads to a proven record of success.