The University of Maryland is home to one of the most active pancreas transplant programs in the country. A pancreas transplant is the best option for a long-term cure for Type 1 diabetes. We are also a leader in simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplants, a procedure that can cut the wait time for those on the kidney transplant waiting list. 

Here are a few of our patients and their stories.

Nakia Jackson

By listing herself on the pancreas transplant list, Nakia received a pancreas and a kidney faster than she would have received a kidney alone. She wholeheartedly recommends transplant for anyone struggling with diabetes and kidney failure.

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Joseph Arcieri

Joseph has battled chronic illness for 36 years (type 1 diabetes and kidney disease). He first came to UMMC for a living donor kidney transplant, and returned for a pancreas transplant.

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Pamela Newell

Pamela Newell was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child and had been enduring daily insulin shots for years. When her kidneys began to fail from her diabetes, she began researching transplant options to support her failing kidneys and cure her diabetes.

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Gary Fritz

Photo of Gary FritzGary Fritz had been living with a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis for 20 years. Multiple daily injections and blood sugar tests interfered with his normal routines. Gary began falling asleep at work as a heavy equipment operator. His local physician in Littletown, PA referred him to the transplant team at UMMC where he was added to the transplant wait list. Within three months, Gary received a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant to restore his kidney function and cure him of diabetes forever. The Division of Transplantation at UMMC is one of only a handful of centers to perform simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplants for patients with Type 1 diabetes.

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