Heart and Vascular staffers working together

When a compatible organ becomes available, here's what you can expect. We will:

  1. Contact you immediately to come to the hospital and be admitted.
  2. Take a medical history of any events which may have occurred since your initial transplant evaluation and perform pre-surgical testing.
  3. Ensure that the donor lung is in good condition and ready for you.
  4. Place you under anesthesia. We may also place you on heart-lung bypass if we determine you will need help with blood circulation during the procedure.
  5. Remove the old lung and stitch the new on in place. We sew together the ends of the airway and the main blood vessels.
  6. Ensure that your new lung is working well before finishing the procedure.

Meet our lung transplant team. Learn more about what to expect during your lung transplant recovery.

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To speak with a lung transplant specialist, please call 410-328-2864.