The University of Maryland is home to a high-volume liver transplant program, changing the lives of patients with the most advanced cases liver failure through living and deceased donor transplants.

Here are a few of our patients and their stories.

Living Donor Liver Transplants

photo of Jay HerzogJay Herzog

Sudden symptoms prompted a visit to the doctor's office, where Jay was diagnosed with end-stage organ failure and told he was in need of a life-saving transplant. After reaching out to family and friends, Jay found his living donor. One year later, he lit the stage for the Everyman Theatre's Under the Skin, a play about organ transplant.

photo of Brian Morrison and Akil ParkerBrian Morrison and Akil Parker

When Brian learned he had Hepatitis C that would eventually lead to liver failure, he thought transplant was an option years away. When his health deteriorated even more, his son stepped up to be his living donor.

photo of Bharat and Nikunj PatelBharat and Nikunj Patel

Bharat's liver began failing and the Patel family became consumed with his care. Determined to take better care of himself, Bharat made significant lifestyle changes, which inspired youngest son Nikunj to get tested as a potential match for living liver donation.

photo of Charles Hughes and April BiggsCharles Hughes and April Biggs

April always said she "didn't want to be an organ donor." But watching her "uncle Charles" wait for a deceased donor liver transplant inspired a change of heart, and she soon signed up to give a piece of herself to her beloved friend.

photo of Kathleen DobbsKathleen Dobbs

Kathleen was initially wary about putting her loved ones' health at risk with a living donation, but with help of the UMMC Liver Center transplant team and her supportive family, she accepted a portion of her brother's liver and has been living life to the fullest ever since.

Traditional Liver Transplants

Liver square teaser imageTerry Rickard

Terry was told that he "wasn't sick enough and was borderline too old" for a liver transplant by physicians in his hometown. Then, while visiting family in Maryland, an emergency situation arose and Terry was told if he didn't have a liver transplant soon, he would die.

Within two weeks, Terry received a liver transplantation which saved his life.

photo of Doug WetzelDoug Wetzel

Doug sustained severe heatstroke during a triathlon and soon went into organ failure. Doctors at three UMMS hospitals worked together to ensure his survival, and Doug received a life-saving liver transplant.

photo of Thomas TraversThomas Travers

After being treated for liver cancer, Thomas was deactivated from the transplant list at his local transplant center in M.A. After learning about double-listing, he scheduled an eVisit with the UMMC transplant team, and flew to Baltimore for a transplant less than a month later.

photo of Carolyn McPhaulCarolyn McPhaul

Carolyn didn’t think that having a child would be feasible after having a liver transplant. But when she found out she was pregnant, her UMMC hepatologist and obstetrician worked closely to monitor her health and optimize her immunosuppressant medications for the health of the fetus. With attentive treatment, baby Christian was born healthy and happy!

photo of Christine RobertsChristine Roberts

Acute liver failure (also known as fulminant liver failure) crept up on Christine, who showed no symptoms of the disease. On the brink of death, the UMMC transplant team worked quickly to put her on the regional waiting list and transplant the organ within hours.

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