The safety and health of living donors is our program's first priority, particularly because living donors are assuming medical risks for a voluntary surgery. Each donor will have a thorough evaluation to ensure suitability. A team of professionals including a donor surgeon, nurse coordinator, clinical social worker, and financial coordinator work with each donor to assess readiness and to help prepare for surgery. This team is different than the team that works with the recipient to ensure confidentiality and objectivity. The donor team advocates for the best interest of each donor.

Donor Surgeon

Donors will be evaluated by a donor surgeon, who will complete a physical evaluation of each donor to ensure medical suitability and will also provide a thorough explanation of the medical risks of the procedure. They will be available to answer questions and address concerns. The donor surgeon also meets with the donor post-operatively to assess their recovery.

Nurse Coordinator

Living donors will be assigned to a nurse coordinator who will coordinate all testing and evaluations for donors, communicate results, and provide education and support throughout the donation experience. The donor nurse coordinator is available to answer questions about testing, preparation for surgery, the inpatient hospitalization and the donor's post-operative needs.

Clinical Social Worker

A clinical social worker is available to all living donors and individuals considering the donation. While a psychosocial assessment is required for all donors as part of the evaluation process, the social worker is also available to answer questions of individuals considering donation. The donor social worker provides education, counseling, and advocacy to donors throughout the donation process.

Financial Coordinator

All donors will meet with a financial coordinator. Since the recipient's insurance covers the cost of the donor's work-up and surgery, the financial coordinator coordinates all billing and ensures that donor's receive accurate information about billing procedures for the pre-surgical evaluation, surgery, and any post-operative follow-up needs to avoid cost to the donor.

More Information

To speak with someone about our services or to become a living kidney donor, please call 410-328-5408 or 1-800-492-5538.