Heart and Vascular staffers working together

A compatible heart becomes available. What happens now? We will:

  1. Contact you and admit you to the hospital.
  2. Take a medical history of events that may have occurred since your initial evaluation and order appropriate pre-surgical testing.
  3. Travel to the hospital where the donor is located, to remove the heart from the donor and “put it to sleep” so that we preserve its function.
  4. Wrap the heart in sterile plastic bags inside a picnic cooler (yes, really!) and bring it to our Heart Center for implantation.
  5. Prepare you for your new heart. The donor and recipient surgical teams work carefully to minimize the amount of time that the new heart is “asleep.”
  6. Begin the operation. We make an incision in your chest and put you on heart-lung bypass.
  7. Remove the old heart and stitch the new one into place by sewing together the main heart vessels.

Meet our heart transplant team and learn about what to expect during your heart transplant recovery.

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To speak with a heart transplant specialist, please call 410-328-2864.