The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) offers innovative procedures and compassionate care with each surgery.

We perform more than 400 transplants each year and offer significant expertise and resources to help patients successfully complete the transplant process.

Transplant Services Offered at UMMC

We offer every type of care you may need when you are experiencing organ failure and might need transplantation. This includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to put you on the best path for your health condition. Learn more about entering the transplant program.
  • Transplantation of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart and lungs
  • Comprehensive dialysis access services. Our transplant surgeons, with their special kidney expertise, place the access ports that patients need to begin dialysis.
  • Transplant for adults and for children in partnership with University of Maryland Children's Hospital. Learn more about pediatric transplant.

The UMMC Transplant Division: Why Choose Us?

Choosing your transplant team is one of the most crucial decisions you and your family will make. Many patients and referring physicians decide our transplant program is right for them because we offer:

  • Advanced transplantation expertise for high-risk patients: UMMC is an innovative center for transplantation. We have the expertise and capability to perform leading-edge transplants for even the most complex cases, including cases that other centers have turned away.
  • Innovative surgical techniques: We were one of the first centers in the world to perform laparoscopic donor nephrectomy. This procedure is a living kidney donation surgery that uses a few small incisions rather than open surgery. Many of the earliest studies of this groundbreaking procedure, which speeds healing and minimizes complications for donors, came out of UMMC's kidney transplant program. During the past 20 years, according to UNOS data, we've performed a total of 2,161 living donor nephrectomies.
  • Clinical trials: As a university-based program, we offer access to the latest research and clinical trials.
  • Living donor surgery: We perform living donor kidney transplant and living donor liver transplant.
  • Highly skilled physicians and surgeons: Our surgical and medical teams have years of experience caring for some of the nation's highest volumes of transplant patients. Meet our team.
  • Treatments unavailable at most transplant centers: We are among the first transplant hospitals to provide new treatments that include:
    • Liver transplant for cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)
    • Single-incision laparoscopic kidney donation. Our surgeons use small instruments to remove a donor kidney, leaving only a 1-inch incision.
    • One-operation kidney transplant for patients with polycystic kidney disease. Our surgeons remove both kidneys and place a donated kidney in just one surgery.
  • Thorough, disease-based approach to liver and kidney failure treatment: We can offer you advanced, effective care, no matter where you are along the course of an illness.
    • We offer some of the most advanced treatments available for liver failure. We have specialized ICUs and aggressive treatments for liver cancer, alcoholic liver disease and hepatitis C.
    • For patients who have kidney failure, our unique dialysis access clinic supports patients with options tailored to their needs.

Transplant Evaluation: Getting Started

We tailor our transplant evaluation process to your needs and schedule:

  • Many patients complete most of the evaluation process in one short day at our Baltimore hospital.
  • Patients from out of town may be able to complete most evaluation testing in their home community.
  • Our regional clinics on the Eastern Shore make it possible for patients in those areas to meet with our physicians without traveling to Baltimore. See our practice locations.
  • UMMC liver transplant physicians offer secure e-visits for liver transplant patients.

Learn more about entering the transplant program.

Request Information About Our Transplant Program

For additional information about our transplant program, please call 1-800-492-5538.

For referring physicians: To refer a patient or get more information, please call 1-800-373-4111. A physician service representative from Consultation and Referral Services will direct your call to the appropriate physician or department.

For more details, please visit our section for referring physicians.