Leading the Way in Surgical Advances: Treating Disorders Deep Within the Brain

Diseases of the skull base are rare but potentially life threatening disorders. Treatment is challenging due to the complex anatomy of the cranial base. Diseases in this area include benign and malignant tumors (cancers), infections, birth defects and complicated head trauma.

Diseases can affect the function of the brain or complex senses such as hearing, vision, hearing and balance. Due to the complex nature of the skull base disease, University of Maryland Medicine has created a center to offer the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

The University of Maryland Center for Skull Base Surgery uses a multi-disciplinary approach which combines the skills of Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Neuroradiology, Radiation Oncology and Intensive Care Medicine. These specialists collaborate to develop treatment protocols that leverage the resources of an academic medical center to provide the safest and most comprehensive care possible.

Specially trained and highly qualified University of Maryland School of Medicine faculty and staff have the expertise and experience on the latest treatment and care of a wide variety of lesions. For patients requiring physical rehabilitation after surgery, on-site and satellite neuro-rehabilitation therapists are available.

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