Due to the recent cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Maryland, we are canceling our group events and meetings until further notice. This is being done to protect our patients, staff and visitors. We will announce on this page and on Facebook and Instagram when classes and support groups will resume as normal.

Thank you for your understanding.

Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) is a community of patients and families who are looking to connect with one another and rebuild their lives after a serious injury.

The American Trauma Society (ATS) along with the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center is committed to providing programs and resources to trauma patients and their families to manage their recovery and improve their lives.

Free Programs for Patients and Families

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Trauma Survivors Network
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Patient & Family Handbook

This handbook was created as a resource for the trauma patient and their family during their stay in Shock Trauma. We hope that the information in this handbook will helpful during this difficult time. It explains common types of injuries and their treatments. The handbook explains the health care team and also provides practical information about hospital services and policies.

In the back of the handbook, there is room for you to take notes and write down questions you may have for the doctors and staff.

Peer Visitation

The TSN offers trauma patients an opportunity to talk with a trained peer visitor. The volunteer can help the newly injured person through this difficult time and serve as a positive role model for the future.

The TSN Peer Visitors have 'been there'. Since they have all lived through the trauma recovery experience, the TSN peer visitors understand the concerns of new trauma patients on a deeply personal level. They can offer understanding but most importantly, they are there to listen, address concerns and answer questions.

If you are interested in talking with or becoming a peer visitor contact: 410-328-5545 or

Share Your Story

Trauma Survivors Support Group

After leaving the hospital or rehabilitation facility, the Trauma Survivors Support Group provides an opportunity that allows trauma survivors and their families to connect with other survivors. When you have experienced a major event in your life, like being injured, it is helpful to talk with others. We can learn by talking to other survivors and sharing how we deal with the challenges of recovery.

NextSteps Program

The NextSteps program is designed for a patient that struggling with the ups and downs of recovery. NextSteps is a 2 hour class that meets once a week for 8 weeks and is based on the principles of self-management. The self-management approach to health recognizes that YOU play the most important role in your recovery.

As a participant in the NextSteps Program, you will be better prepared to handle ups and downs as you progress towards recovery. You will learn from the experiences of other survivors and will focus on enjoying yourself and enjoying your life.

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For more information, please email us at, at 410-328-5545.