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Dr. Streeten sees patients in the Metabolic Bone Diseases Clinic on the 6th floor at 419 Redwood Street, just a couple of blocks away from the Medical Center. In addition to common osteoporosis, she sees patients with other metabolic bone diseases including:

  • Paget's disease

  • Osteomalacia

  • Fibrous dysplasia

  • Disorders of Vitamin D (osteomalacia)

  • Parathyroid hormone metabolism (hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism), Calcium disorders (elevated and low blood calcium)

  • Phosphorus disorders (low phosphorus can cause weak bones) such as oncogenic osteomalacia

  • Hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets

  • Fanconi syndrome.

In addition, UMMC offers an inpatient osteoporosis service. The Inpatient Osteoporosis Consultation Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) sees inpatients with osteoporosis related fractures. When a patient is admitted for treatment of a fracture following a mild fall, the treating orthopaedic physician requests an endocrine consultation to evaluate for secondary causes of osteoporosis and to initiate osteoporosis treatment.

The program was started by Dr. Streeten in 2001 after numerous studies showed that in the U.S., only a small fraction of patients admitted to the hospital with fractures resulting from minor trauma were treated medically for the osteoporosis that actually caused the fracture. The program was formed in collaboration with the orthopaedic service.