Within Our Reach is our unique patient educational program that recognizes the importance of engaging patients and family members in an active process to learn the new skills necessary to manage their chronic medical condition.

Registration Open: 2018 Within Our Reach Symposium

When: Friday, April 13, 2018
Where: New Location! BWI Hilton
Keynote Speaker: Brian Grant, Former NBA Player
How to Register: You can register here via Eventbrite

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Movement Health Fair

Join movement specialists to learn strategies that can make a difference in your daily life, both physically and mentally. Spend 60 minutes working out with your choice of movement skills (but please rank your top two preferences).

Tai Chi

  • Center yourself with the intentional movement of this martial art.
  • Host: Sean Vasaitis, PhD, MS, EHS
  • Movement level: Low


  • Try some fancy footwork and punch the bags with Rock Steady Boxing.
  • Host: Tyler Maguire, NSPA and Rock Steady Boxing certified personal trainer
  • Movement level: Moderate/Intense


  • Whether you’re going solo or partnering up, you should be dancing!
  • Host: Ellen Talles, LCSW-C, BC-DMT, BFA
  • Movement level: Low/Moderate


  • It’s a balancing act that stretches your body and calms your mind.
  • Host: Carl Schuetz
  • Movement level: Low/Moderate

Pickle Ball

  • Improve hand-eye coordination and muscle memory with the newest craze!
  • Host: Charlie Brown, PhD
  • Movement level: Moderate/Intense


  • If moving isn’t on your agenda, practice raising your voice in song!
  • Host: Leo Wanenchak
  • Movement level: Low

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Everyone can choose one breakout session.

The Power of Attorney - Legal Moves

Make sure your legal papers are in order, including power of attorney, wills, advance directives, and more. Host: Elizabeth Green Esq.

Mind Games - Cognition

Your body is affected by your mind and your environment. Discuss some of the techniques patients use and learn how to maintain your general physical and mental health as long as possible. Host: Liana Rosenthal, M.D.

Beyond the Court - Research 101

Research studies can be beneficial to both the researcher and the patient. Learn what it takes to find these trials and to participate in them. Host: Michelle Cines, RN, MS, CCRC