The University of Maryland Division of Transplantation is one of only a handful of centers in the country that will treat polycystic kidney disease (PKD) by removing both dysfunctional kidneys and replacing it with a kidney from a living donor in one operation. Recovery time is shorter with one operation, and patients are liberated from the 10-20 pounds of enlarged kidneys that often severely hinder their quality of life. This procedure can only be done successfully at a high-volume transplant center with a deep team of transplant surgeons.

What is PKD?

PKD Research

Baltimore Polycystic Disease Research and Clinical Core Center is led by Terry Watnick, MD, this center is one of four in the United States committed to promoting translational PKD research among an international group of investigators. Current research is then translated into practical treatment for UMMC patients. This "bench-to-bedside" approach means that UMMC patients receive the best care for PKD with excellent outcomes.

Patient Success Stories

Jamie Cadiz

In addition to needing a kidney transplant, both of Jamie's cystic kidneys needed to be simultaneously removed in a procedure called a bilateral nephrectomy. When other transplant centers would not take her complex case, UMMC's multidisciplinary surgical team stepped up to provide Jamie with the care she needed after Scott agreed to donate.

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