Bill Rhine River Germany

Heart Surgery Puts Man in the “One Percent Club”

Bill Kirtland had his first heart attack in April 2013. Despite getting a stent put in, he began to feel worse. In June 2013, a trip to his cardiologist, Jeffrey Etherton, MD, revealed that Bill actually had a pseudoaneurysm in the right side of his heart, a condition that is like a giant bubble; if it had burst, he would have died in five minutes.

Bill was referred to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) where he underwent a six hour surgery led by Bradley Taylor, MD.

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David Fisher recovery

Quadruple Bypass Saves Denton Man

David Fisher of Denton, Md., knows the consequences that can result from an unhealthy lifestyle; all of the men on his father’s side have died from heart disease. So David, a retired anatomy and physiology teacher, has always made sure to eat well and exercise regularly in an attempt to keep his heart healthy.

One day David woke up with classic signs of a heart attack – pressure and pain in his chest and a cold sweat – but did not immediately seek treatment. David assumed his pain was related to the previous day’s exercise routine and indigestion, so he took an antacid and returned to bed.

A few hours later his chest pain was increasing, so David and his wife drove to the University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton. Staff there performed an EKG and realized that David was having a heart attack.

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Paula Schmith in recovery

Several Heart Surgeries Saves Life

They thought it was just gall bladder problems. But after Paula Schmith visited her doctor, staff quickly realized she was having a heart attack and needed immediate care in order to save her life. Paula was brought to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where Dr. Bradley Taylor performed emergency surgery to save her life.

But Paula wasn't out of the weeds. Her body was failing and more procedures needed to be performed, and quickly.

She eventually was put on an ECMO machine and required further surgeries before her conditions were fully treated.

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Rita Reimer head shot

Turned Down By Others, Woman Receives Bypass at UMMC

Rita Ann Reimer suffered multiple heart attacks between 2008 and 2013, but was told her arteries were too narrow for bypass surgery

As luck would have it, Rita Ann suffered another heart attack in 2015 right outside of Camden Yards, which is very close to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Rita Ann was taken to UMMC's Emergency Room and was cared for by Dr. Bradley Taylor, who said she was a candidate for the bypass she had been turned down for at other hospitals.

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