Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass (TECAB)

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Totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass (TECAB) is the least invasive coronary artery bypass grafting procedure available. During TECAB, we do not need to open your chest at all. Instead, we perform the operation through tiny portholes. This leads to minimal scarring and a shorter, more comfortable recovery.

Our heart specialists use the most advanced technology, including surgical robots, to offer you the most effective, least invasive procedure possible.

What is TECAB?

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During a TECAB procedure, we place the bypass graft through tiny holes in your chest, without the need to make an incision in your chest. This is an even less invasive procedure than the MIDCAB, a minimally invasive surgery that requires small incisions in your chest. Learn more about the MIDCAB procedure.