Hybrid Coronary Intervention

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The team at the University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center was among the first in the nation to perform a combined hybrid procedure.

Our integrated heart team collaborates smoothly to ensure you get the optimal results.

Hybrid coronary intervention combines the best of both worlds: minimally invasive bypass surgery with catheter-based coronary intervention. This combined procedure provides you with a minimally invasive, long-lasting and effective procedure to treat coronary artery disease.

Hybrid Coronary Intervention: What to Expect

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In the past, if you needed both bypass and angioplasty, you would need two separate surgeries. You would undergo bypass or angioplasty first, then the other procedure a few days later. A hybrid procedure means you get the benefit of both procedures at one time.

During a hybrid heart bypass procedure:

  1. The cardiac surgeon performs a minimally invasive bypass procedure on blocked arteries.
  2. When the bypass portion is complete, an interventional cardiologist takes over, performing an angioplasty to restore blood flow in the arteries that were not blocked enough to require bypass.
  3. To reduce the chance that a blockage will occur again, we use special stents coated in medication to prevent reblocking (restenosis).

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