At University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center, our chiefs have nearly a century of medical experience among them. And through all those decades, they have never rested — always striving for innovative solutions to the complex issues of our patients.

We feel their pioneering spirits combined with their deep commitment to compassionate care are emblematic of the entire Heart and Vascular Center team.


Motivated by Compassion, Energized by Academic Excellence

Dr. David Zimrin, Chief of Cardiology

While cardiology is the straightforward business of keeping the heart's plumbing and electrical systems running smoothly, as Dr. Zimrin explains, human beings are far more complex.

Your cardiologist's job isn't just to fix a broken system but to get you back to a normal life. Our cardiologists take that goal seriously.

As a top academic medical center, the resources available to our cardiology team are immense — from the fresh perspectives of the docs in training, to the new technologies and techniques borne of our long-term research programs.

To become a beneficiary of that deep expertise, call our cardiology department at 410-328-7877 for an appointment.

Heart Surgery

Bringing the Next Generation of Therapies to You Today

Dr. James Gammie, Chief of Heart Surgery

Poets and heart surgeons can agree: No one can master the complexity of the human heart completely.

That’s why at UMMC there are no generalists on our cardiac surgery team. Our physicians constantly hone their expertise by concentrating on specific conditions and procedures. 

And so together Dr. Gammie's team of heart surgeons chips away at what is still unknown about the heart — making discoveries, researching new therapies and technologies, and teaching the next generation of heart surgeons. 

For a consultation with our heart surgery program, call 410-328-5842.

Vascular Surgery

High Stakes, Great Results

Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar, Chief of Vascular Surgery

The high-stakes consequences of the most serious forms of vascular disease — amputation, stroke or death — can be prevented, Dr. Sarkar explains, but not necessarily by just any vascular surgeon.

UMMC's team of vascular surgeons has a high level of expertise that makes us the place that other surgeons turn to with their most complicated cases.  

Yet, at UMMC we do more than this. We make life better for thousands of people needing vein surgery. They walk into our outpatient surgery suite and a few hours later walk out with their vein problems solved. 

To make an appointment with our vascular surgery program, call us at 410-328-5840.