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CT Radiation Safety

“To minimize amount of radiation exposure to patients and staff. To provide direction for staff to monitor radiation exposure and to manage radioactive materials in the practice setting.”

About our CT Safety Programs

  • We strive to achieve maximum reduction in patient radiation dose, while maintaining optimal image quality for your diagnosis
  • Our imaging professionals strive to minimize radiation dose for each patient based on their unique exam and clinical indication 
  • We are committed to patient safety
  • We strictly adhere to JAHCO standards
  • We are an American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facility and uphold their strict quality standards

State of the Art Technology

  • We have the latest technology and work with our equipment manufacturers to continually develop and improve upon innovative methods for dose reduction 
  • 256-Slice Scanner with the latest iMR technology
  • 64-Slice Scanner with the latest iDose technology