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Photo of nuclear medicine gamma cameras

The Division of Nuclear Medicine specializes in diagnostic imaging of dynamic aspects of physiology and pathology using radioactive tracer agents.

The division provides routine services on an inpatient and outpatient basis; urgent, preoperative and emergency studies; and therapy using radioactive iodine and phosphorus, yttrium, samarium and strontium.

Patient Conditions

  • Tumors (diagnosis, staging)
  • Traumatic injuries (orthopaedic, unexplained pain)
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Evaluation of presurgical patients (cardiac)
  • FUO evaluations
  • Pediatric renal

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • Cancer screening; using staging and follow-up bone scans; gallium and radio-labeled antibody, FDG and PET imaging
  • Evaluation of traumatic injuries for diffuse changes (battered child syndrome)
  • Tomographic imaging (SPECT imaging) for heart, bone, oncology
  • Pulmonary function screening
  • Assessment of kidney function including differential function
  • Cardiac assessment, with myocardial perfusion imaging, myocardial wall motion abnormality, ejection fraction, regurgitation index and shunt evaluation

Specialized Treatments

  • Radio-iodine therapy with Thyrogen
  • Radioactive phosphorus therapy for bone pain
  • ProstaScint imaging
  • Pediatric nuclear medicine

Special Programs

  • Complete cardiac nuclear medicine services with stress testing in conjunction with the Division of Cardiology
  • IND new drug evaluations
  • Prostate ABY imaging
  • FDG tumor imaging

Research Activities

  • Correlative imaging
  • Renal disease and function
  • Oncologic imaging, infection imaging

Services to Physicians

  • Consultation on complicated cases
  • Second opinions on outside examinations
  • Total imaging consultations (deciding on appropriate imaging examinations)