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image pf the CT scanner by Philips

A CT scan is a quick and simple diagnostic tool that physicians use to see inside the body. The CT scan is a non- invasive test that uses x-rays to visualize your organs. Your doctor will request a CT scan with or without contrast media. Contrast media is sometimes needed to highlight certain organs so they can be seen. The information received from a CT scan can be used by a physician to rule out or diagnose the presence of any abnormalities or ailments. The diagnosis received from a CT can be very vital in determining a course of treatment.

A CT scanner offers several advantages:

  • Clear and detailed images in a matter of seconds.
  • Timely results, so your doctor can detect and treat diseases as soon as possible.
  • Quick scan times that alleviate discomfort or anxiety.
  • Philips Dose Wise technology that minimizes your radiation dose.
  • A CT scanner that accommodates patients of various shapes and sizes.

Our CT department offers a wide array of exams. Cardiac Scoring and Virtual Colonoscopy are two of the screening procedures that are available.

Scan With Contrast

CT scans with IV or oral contrast are performed to get a detailed image of the inside of your body. These scans use a radiopaque substance that illuminates your internal structures. This contrast material may be swallowed, injected through an IV directly into the blood stream or administered by enema, depending on the type of examination.

Scans Without Contrast

We offer a variety of CT Scans Without IV or Oral Contrast. Check the list below for more information: